Here Comes The Sun!

Grow with Us.

There is a Beatles song for every occasion, and as we finally see that dearly missed glowing orb once again re-appear after months of darkness/cold/wind and rain,  ‘Here Comes The Sun’ couldn’t be a better fit for how we all feel right now!  And since our crops have missed it just as much as we have, we’re excited to leave that ‘hurry up and wait’ feeling in the dust and get back in full swing on the farm.  News of the week?  STRAWBERRIES are here!!   Our earliest variety of home-grown berries are picked fresh daily and available at the Garden Gazebo…and once our berries hit full stride and we have enough volume in maturity we have decided to open our doors to the public for the first time and begin offering U-PICK to our customers!  Stay tuned on our website and facebook for days/times…and please bear with us as this is a brand new endeavor for us and we expect to endure some growing pains as we welcome the masses to join us!

Outstanding in our Field.

Talk about a tough spring to get everything planted but we’ve finally got all first plantings in the ground! In addition to our main crop- 85 acres of treefruit, we have 15 acres of mixed berries and veggies – all of which demand full attention this time of year.  In order to widen the window of availability of many of these crops to our customers, we stagger plantings of many of the vegetables we grow.  That means multiple plantings of multiple crops in multiple fields.  That also means multiple maps to keep everything organized (and multiple beers at the end of the day for the farmer who has to keep track of it all!)

Another thing we learned from our customers last year is that you like variety (remember those purple peppers and chocolate cherry tomatoes?!) So we’ve expanded the number of crops we are producing this year to satisfy those diverse tastes and give you options, options, options!  And to keep up with growing more varieties and more plantings of more stuff, we needed more acres. So  this past winter we purchased the open ground adjacent to the farm and have started filling that up too!  Keep your eye out at the Garden Gazebo for your favorite oldies some newbies this season!

Let’s Eat.

If you didn’t catch the first blog, ‘Let’s Eat’ is the caboose of our weekly blog and will feature some in-season fruit or veggie dish which our family has tried and approved.  Appropriately enough, this week’s LaMora Family Favorite recipe features our fresh picked strawberries…we tried these for the first time this week and the pan vanished!  If you’re not a rhubarb fan you can use all strawberries (or vice versa for those who love rhubarb) Look for recipe cards up at the Gazebo or you can find all your favorites we’ve featured before on our website.  Living up to their name, we urge you to go ahead and try our sinfully dreamy Strawberry Rhubarb Dream Bars 

See you next Sunday and as always, thanks for taking the time to Grow With Us!