Oh Hail No!

Mother Nature-1, LaMora Farms-0 Remember the very first blog post where we optimistically hoped for smooth sailing but realistically expected some kind of unavoidable tragedy this season?  Well, the whole ‘just because the water is calm doesn’t mean there aren’t any alligators’ proverb was realized yet again as we got bit by an alligator 2… Read More Oh Hail No!


Here Comes The Sun!

Grow with Us. There is a Beatles song for every occasion, and as we finally see that dearly missed glowing orb once again re-appear after months of darkness/cold/wind and rain,  ‘Here Comes The Sun’ couldn’t be a better fit for how we all feel right now!  And since our crops have missed it just as… Read More Here Comes The Sun!


Grow With Us.

Out on a Limb….here we go again! Going into the 10th year of business you’d think we’d have all the bugs worked out….be a little more settled into the routine of waking a business (and ourselves) from the slumber of winter’s hibernation….maybe even feel a twinge of optimism that this will be the year things… Read More Grow With Us.