A Little Late but Worth the Wait

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. At the eleventh hour of July, our July crops have decided to make their debut!  Whoever created the saying about the agony of waiting for a pot of water to boil clearly never had to watch sweet corn grow in a wet, overcast summer.  Just to put it into perspective we’ve yo-yo’d from a 100 year record hot, dry summer last year to one of the coolest, wettest years on record this season. Compared to under 10 inches of rainfall last year, we’re already over 35 inches this year. It ain’t good for boating, it ain’t good for BBQ’s and it ain’t been good for farming neither.  So for our sake and yours let’s hope this recent sunshine is just the start of many more sunny days ahead 🙂

A moment in the sun.

We are very excited to share a bit of news that only added to our sunny sentiments this week- our farm and Garden Gazebo was highlighted as one of Rochester’s ‘Hidden Gems’ by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield’s A Healthier New York health & wellness blog!!  Catch the whole article at https://www.ahealthierupstate.org/uncategorized/hidden-gems-lamora-farms-garden-gazebo/ where our small family run farm & stand was featured and recommended as a place worth visiting.  It’s hard to put into words how honored and humbled we are to be recognized by our customers & community for the work we do and the progress we’ve made.  10 years ago we didn’t have a farm. We didn’t own a tractor or a single acre of land.  This year we own/rent a combined 100 acres and grow 40 something different crops (admittedly not all well, but hey…)  Fittingly the picture below is from this very week in 2014 (thanks, Timehop!) – Earl and our son Chase moving the first roadside stand we built up to the empty abandoned lot in front of our farm.  It was not the Pinterest-esque Gazebo that we’re known for now, it was a simple ply board 4 x 2 ft stand set in front of a thicket of overgrown brush, blocking the view to the farm landscape you see today.   We had no idea if anyone would stop, but they did. And the early feedback was surprising- people really liked our produce, found it to be a convenient location, and wanted more. It was that year that we realized maybe there was a niche for a little fruit stand in Ontario, NY.  So for the past 3 years we’ve grown more and more crops and expanded bit by bit (and Gazebo by Gazebo as we run low on shelf space time and again). And by listening to our customers’ requests and feedback we’re ever shaping the growth of our business based on the feedback of the community that supports us.  So when our little operation gets picked as a Hidden Gem in the greater Rochester area, you can bet it’s a big deal to us, and one we enthusiastically share with the customers who have grown with us along the way.

Let’s eat.

Ok, we owe you…our weekly blog post took an unanticipated break (did I mention it has been a challenging season for growing?) so we’re sharing not 1 but 2 recipes this week.  The first is an all time favorite dessert, Butterscotch Caramel Peach Cobbler .  This is one of those dishes you just can’t stop eating so don’t fight it and plan on leaving a fork in the pan (and that isn’t just the 8 month pregnant lady in me talking).  And while this first featured recipe is in our opinion the best variation out there, peach cobbler is certainly not ground-breaking in the world of desserts.  Our second featured recipe, however, was brand new to us and hopefully to you as well.  Jalepeno Corn Popper Salad is a really delicious blend of sweet and spicy, combined with everybody’s favorite duo: cheese and bacon.  The recipe makes enough to bring as a dish to pass so cut in half if you’re making as a dinner side dish.  Also a great way to use up leftover corn!  I find that in our house if the cooked/grilled cobs aren’t eaten in the original meal, they often get tossed…here’s your chance to upcycle those babies into a crowd pleasing side later in the week.

Thanks for another week of ‘growing with us’ – and keep those comment/suggestion cards coming…we really do appreciate all of the feedback from YOU!!  🙂